Mina Zlateva

Mina Zlateva

As an Artist, I’ve created fine art drawings, live sketches, paintings, graphics and sculptures, as well as participated in exhibitions and won prizes. You can browse through my work in the categories Photography and Drawings.

As an Animation Director, I have created independent hand drawn shorts as well as participated in collective works, shorts and music videos. You can browse through my work in the categories Animation and Character Design.

Some proud moments

  • Being one of the five nominees for the special award for young artists by the Stoyan Kambarev Foundation;
  • Being part of Anifilm Festival 2017 as a filmmaker in the music video competition with Jin Monic's Hateful;
  • Receiving an excellent critical reception for my graduation film Unfairy tale;
  • Winning the 1st prize in the 2008 and in the 2009 annual competition of the 1st National School of Fine Arts for live paintings;
  • Winning the 1st prize in the 2003 annual competition for a Christmas painting to be issued as a postal stamp.
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Curriculum Vitae

Mina Zlateva

Synthesis comes from ancient Greek and refers to the process of combining two or more entities to form a new one. Animation combines multiple pictures, music and sounds into an audible motion graphics that can trigger laughter, sadness, love, hate and the whole range of emotions in the audience. People love animation because it makes the impossible possible.

Next challange

I'm looking for creative teams to join forces and produce together awesome illustrations and motion graphics.

Bachelor of Arts

National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts “Kr. Sarafov”, Sofia, Bulgaria
2009 - 2015, B. A., Animation
Bachelor film: Unfairy tale, 8m40s
Bachelor Theses: Aesthetics of Paul Driessen’s films.


High School

1st National School of Fine Arts “I. Petrov”, Sofia, Bulgaria
2004 - 2009, Faculty Sculpture, Bulgarian Matura
Graduation sculpture – monumental cactuses all covered with sand.


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