Jin Monic – Hateful (Official video)

Some time ago we at feuerwerk Studio approached the upcoming and very cool rock band Jin Monic with a suggestion: let's make art together. A very exited rock band was blown-away and gave us full creative freedom. The result is awesome. A combination of an audio and visual experience.

The animation is inspired by the lyrics of Hateful. The video clip is entirely hand-drawn with TVPaint, a little bit of rotoscoping, and is edited with After Effects.

Jin Monic is produced by Homevoxmusic.

Director: Mina Zlateva

Animation artists: Mina Zlateva, Alexnader Nachev

Producer: feuerwerk Studio

License: © feuerwerk Studio by websol Llc., © Mina Zlateva, all rights reserved


Official selection at the international festival of animated films Anifilm in the category international competition of music videos in Třeboň, Czech Republic, from 2nd till 7th of May 2017.

Anifilm Festival