Jin Monic - Hateful (Official Video)

2D frame-by-frame music video.

Jin Monic – Hateful (Official video) by Mina Zlateva

Some time ago we at feuerwerk Studio approached the upcoming and very cool rock band Jin Monic with a suggestion: let's make art together. A very exited rock band was blown-away and gave us full creative freedom. The result is awesome. A combination of an audio and visual experience.

The animation is inspired by the lyrics of Hateful. The video clip is entirely hand-drawn with TVPaint, a little bit of rotoscoping, and is edited with After Effects.

Jin Monic is produced by Homevoxmusic.

Director: Mina Zlateva
Animation artists: Mina Zlateva, Alexnader Nachev
Producer: feuerwerk Studio

License: © feuerwerk Studio by websol Llc., © Mina Zlateva, all rights reserved