The struggle between oneself having two heads, seemingly opposite.

Duality by Mina Zlateva

The subject of dualism in every person is expressed by the the subject of this paintings' series. Every painting conveys in a different yet interconnected way the inner fights we all have in our minds. The struggle is between one dragon wikth two heads. Seemingly opposite or contray forces the may be indeed complementary, interconnected and interpendent on one another.

Both dragon's heads are painted in red and blue colour. The "overwhleming" one is red, the colour of fire, power and aggression. The "losing" head is blue and evokes fear and low energy. When the time comes and the read head catches the blue one with its teeth, a circle will be completed and only within this fusion of Red and Blue they may rise each other as they interralte to one another. A true Yin and Yang.

"Duality" is a very emotional series for me. Painting with such vibrant colours I try to express as hard as I can energy and power. My goal is to evoke real emotions in the viewer.

This is a collection of water colour paintings, yet some of them feature gold and silver acrylic ink details.